A tourist visa can only be obtained by the Greek consulate in your country with the exception of Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, and perhaps Japanese passport holders. In these cases no visa is necessary as you are granted 90 days in Greece automatically upon entry into the country. It is not 3 months as some would be misled but 90 days. There are some nationalities where a visa even for a few days is difficult or impossible to get. To get a tourist visa for an Indian national was like trying to climb Mt. Everest. I had to be a sponsor, fax in to the Greek consulate there my tax returns, and what property I owned. He had to prove he had tons of money in his bank in Calcutta and even then the consulate wouldn’t approve a visa. I gave up; I’ll never try this again. If you are not a citizen of the four above mentioned countries, then check with your Greek consulate.
PART 2. Extending your 90 days:
Now it becomes a bit complicated. First you have to explain to the authorities why you want to stay longer; then explain it to yourself. If you say because I love souvlakia, they will answer that there are better ones in N.Y.; there are by the way. Greek salad on the other hand is a credible reason. Second, you have to have proof that you brought into the country 15 euros per day for every day of the extension. That means that you have in a bank account money that is or converted to euros from foreign currency. An easy way is if you exchanged money at the airport and kept the pink/red slips (receipts) . Third, pay the fee of 480 euros. Again this varies on a case to case basis and may even reach 800 euros, but 480 is the norm. Fourth, 3 photocopies of your passport, 3 colored photographs, and proof that you are insured in your country; social security, private insurance etc. Fifth, fill out an enormous and incomprehensible application.
The Amesotis team can help you throughout every process and transaction with the Greek authorities. Contact us for more information.
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