• Making life with Greek authorities easy!

    AMESOTIS handles on your behalf transactions of any type that are imperative when living in Greece: transactions with the Greek state authorities, banks, tax departments, land registry offices and Citizen Service Centres – simple or complex. read more
  • How much does it cost?

    We have a simple pricing process, aiming at ensuring transparency and choice of services alike. The cost is calculated as follows: read more
  • The AMESOTIS Team

    The founders of AMESOTIS are Greeks, who in the past have spent long periods living in several European countries including Germany, England, Belgium, Spain and France. read more
  • Welcome to Nea Smyrni, my neighbourhood. The picture above is the view from my balcony, a sight I’ve grown up with. This alsos (somewhere between ‘parkland’, ‘recreational area’ and ‘small artificial forest’ in Greek) has been around since the founding of Nea Smyrni in the 1920s. We used to go there with school on our days off, watch films in the summer when the open-air cinema was still working… Lots […]

    There is just something special about Ideal, one of Athens’ oldest restaurants, which recently celebrated 90 years in business. Perhaps it’s the marble and glass Art Nouveau entrance with gold lettering, which makes the venue look right at home next to some of the city’s architectural gems, such as the 1930s-era, New York-influenced Rex Theater, which now houses the National Theater of Greece. Or maybe it’s the restaurant’s proximity to […]

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

    So much has been written these days about Greece’s brain drain – the flow of skilled labor from crisis-stricken Greece to richer countries elsewhere in Europe or as far away as the United States and Canada – that no one is talking about the steady trickle of high-skilled Greeks returning to Greece. Yannis Koryalos is one of them. He moved to Greece three years ago with his wife Lea. Six […]

    Enter a flavour experience that will take you far away, to India… If you like good quality Indian Food, then this is the place for you. When you think about Indian food, you might imagine that it will be very spicy and heavy. Yet, its history begins a long time ago, around 5.000 years ago. Since then it has evolved progressively through the alterations of various populations until it reaches […]

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    Electricity bills including the special property tax for 2012 will need to be paid by June 21, as Public Power Corporation has said that it will submit a list of all unpaid levies to the Finance Ministry on June 22 so that they may be collected by tax authorities. Any PPC customers using alternative payment points such as Hellenic Post, banks etc, will need to pay their dues by June […]

    Athenian artistic network in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, OPANDA (Organization of culture, sport and youth of Athens), Commercial Association of Athens, the green department of Athens and “Technopolis” of City of Athens, under the auspices of annual program “Gardens of Athens carries the” Athens Gardens Festival” from 15 to 18 June from 18.00 till the sunset at the National Gardens. From 15/6 to 18/6, 6p.m. Athens National Gardens, […]

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    (Greek) Αυθαίρ

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Greek.

    Music for two pianos

    Two old friends and colleagues, two virtuosos of their kind, […]

    VAT Cut On Restauran

    A VAT reduction on Greek food catering services (restaurants, hotel […]

    (Greek) Επίδομ

    Επίδομα Τακτικής Επιδότησης Σε ισχύ είναι και το: Επικοινωνία και […]

    Crime in Athens

    Murder, armed robbery, rape and other violent crimes are not […]

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