It has been a long time since the snacks and coffee place “To Kafeneio” has been housed in a 1836 building.
It was occasionally the main residence of many famous and unknown Greek people. It consists of the ground floor and the underground floor. In the past it was separated in two parts; the front part (up to the fireplace) and the rear part (the rest), thus having two separate residences. It is witnessed that before the German occupation (1940 – 1944) the children who lived in this neighbourhood used to gather and play in the rear part while the owners of the building kept their chickens at the edge of the rear part.
After the civil war (1947) it was either used as a residence or accommodated several professions, giving away the feeling of the old city of Athens.
For the “Kafeneio”, the menue is the basic psychological factor in terms or service. The customer´s touch with the menue fuels the awakening of the other senses such as sight, hearing and smell. The appearance of the menue plays an important part in the person´s psychology. An elegant menue can relax you and also to remind you the reasons that led you outdoors. On the other hand, a usual menue represents a place without a clear personality.
This element usually matches the appearance of the shop so that the menue and the shop turn into memories that follow one another in the mind of the customer. You can find out more about “To Kafeneio” here.

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