Situated in the shadow of the Acropolis in the Plaka district, The Loom is a veritable treasure trove of rugs, pillow cases, tapestries and wall hangings. The store offers a wide range of handmade styles, including the traditional flokati, a thin shag pile rug made by generations of Greek weavers. Each item is handpicked by store owners Susanna, a British rug connoisseur, and Theo, known to the locals as the ‘rug doctor’.

The Loom offers an English speaking and friendly service with great deals and worldwide door to door delivery. We also cater for large groups and host free rug seminars for those wanting to learn more about the origin of the art of rug making and its aesthetic values to date. We’ve enjoyed visits of groups from all over the world, including Princeton University, New York.

More than anything at The Loom we are always happy to see familiar faces and always welcome those who want to immerse their spirits in the beautiful world of rugs! Visit their website here
(source: xpat-directory)

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