Understand the child benefits that may be available to you in Greece…
There are a number of benefits that you may be eligible for if you are bringing up children in Greece.
Birth benefit
The birth benefit, given to all insured women, is one payment, made to help defray the cost of treatment in a maternity clinic or hospital. The benefit is equal to 30 times the day wage of an unskilled worker.
To claim for maternity or birth benefits, the following documents are required:
the applicant’s insurance booklets from the last two years or a certificate authenticated by the IKA office of the insured person’s place of residence
a health booklet (individual and family if applicable)
a certificate from an IKA gynaecologist indicating the expected date of delivery
a declaration from the employer stating that the woman has stopped working
a declaration form completed by the woman stating the date on which she stopped working (the form is available at local IKA offices)
the birth certificate of the child
Employed mothers are also entitled to an additional six months of maternity protection leave and reduced working hours leave at the end of their maternity leave. Benefits are paid by the Manpower Employment Organisation (OAED), if the woman has received maternity payments from the IKA and has a work contract.
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(source: greece.angloinfo.com)

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