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Neapolis (“new city”), modern day Kavala, Greece, was nestled snugly in a half-moon bay looking down upon a natural harbor. An ancient port city on the northernmost edge of the Aegean Sea, it effectively divided Macedonia from Thrace. From the harbor, the city sloped away from the shore as a natural amphitheatre, backing into the foothills of Mount Symvolo, providing breathtaking views of nearby islands and the Aegean beyond. Strategically […]

You know you’re in the West Country [UK] when you can browse the magazine shelf at the local filling [gas] station and study titles like Practical Tractor, Tractor Monthly, My Tractor, or perhaps Truly Tantalising Tractor Tales, even Tractor Attractor (all right, so I may have made up a couple of those), and all the aforementioned carry full-colour photographs on their covers of Massey Fergusons or John Deeres enough to […]

When I am in Greece I am amazed at how many people I see reading James Grisham and Stephen King novels and other time-passers. These books are escapes. If you are in Greece you are already escaping. Why escape from the escape? Embrace the escape. Read about Greece while you experience it. There will be plenty of reading time on your journey on boat trips, on beaches and in cafes […]

March 25th is the day of Independence in Greece. It was in 1821 that the Greeks decided to revolt againt the Ottoman Empire and -with the help of foreign powers of the time- finally managed to gain their independence and have a sovereign Greek State recognized in 1830. But the date 25 March 1821 is the (symbolic) day of revolt against the Ottomans and a National Holiday for the country, […]

A blog written in Greece, about Greece: So after a long absence, I return here … to what makes me happy. In my never-ending search for happiness, in this country of, what seems to be, never-ending sadness, I have found that reading helps me a lot. As a child books were my life, and I would lose myself in my thought provoking, imagination intensifying library, trying to find the meaning […]

I moved to Germany knowing how to say exactly three things in German. 1. Auf Wiedersehen! 2. Dankeschön. 3. Straße Basically I could say Good Bye, Thank You, and the all important word for Street. You may find yourself asking “Kelly, how could you move to a foreign country and not know how to speak to the language?” Because I thrive on difficult and embarrassing situations apparently. Believe it or […]

Greek custom of Tsiknopempti (loosely translatable as “Barbecue Thursday”) involves the massive consumption of charred meat in the evening of Thursday, ten days before the beginning of the Great Lent. “Koutouki” is the word we use for a specific kind of restaurant with references to the old style of rebetiko. My definition is not as enlightening as it should be so you had better visit Karabiths, one of the oldest […]

I’m starting to wonder whether we Brits have got this retiring abroad lark wrong. It seems to me that we are one of the few nations that go and live abroad full time when we retire. Sure, a lot of other nations include living abroad as part of their retirement plans, but they are often more likely to be splitting their time between two countries, spending months in a long […]

Like pretty much anyone else who lives in Greece, I could talk for hours about what drives me mad about the place – the driving, the parking, the somewhat cavalier attitude towards the environment and the subsequent despoiling of the natural environment. All this before even making mention of the country’s politicians. I could talk for days however, about what I love – the easy informality of the people, the […]

The safest and most dangerous nations in the world One of the most important factors on planning for a move abroad is, is it safe? Whilst no nation is completely free from dangers there are those that you should avoid if you want to have a long and healthy life in another country. We list some of the safest and most dangerous countries for expats from our list of country […]

(Greek) Αυθαίρ

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Music for two pianos

Two old friends and colleagues, two virtuosos of their kind, […]

VAT Cut On Restauran

A VAT reduction on Greek food catering services (restaurants, hotel […]

(Greek) Επίδομ

Επίδομα Τακτικής Επιδότησης Σε ισχύ είναι και το: Επικοινωνία και […]

Crime in Athens

Murder, armed robbery, rape and other violent crimes are not […]

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