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Murder, armed robbery, rape and other violent crimes are not a big problem in Athens. Even with the rise in crime which by Greek standards is an epidemic, Athens is still one of the safest cities in Europe if not the world though it is quickly building a reputation as a city to avoid or get in and get out as fast as it takes to see the Acropolis. For […]

Moving abroad is a dream for hundreds of people, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you buy a house in the wrong location. Although there are plenty of people who move abroad and never look back, the internet is full of horror stories about people who regret their move and wish that they’d stayed in the UK. If you’re considering a move abroad, you might be unsure […]

Welcome to Nea Smyrni, my neighbourhood. The picture above is the view from my balcony, a sight I’ve grown up with. This alsos (somewhere between ‘parkland’, ‘recreational area’ and ‘small artificial forest’ in Greek) has been around since the founding of Nea Smyrni in the 1920s. We used to go there with school on our days off, watch films in the summer when the open-air cinema was still working… Lots […]

A visit to the northeastern Greek city of Xanthi, located in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace, was not only an experience but an eye-opener. The locals refer to Xanthi as “the city with a thousand colors” and it is obvious why since the city represents diversity and multiculturalism at its finest. Nowhere else in Greece will you see such a vast collection of races, languages, religions… all in […]

All across Greece, municipalities have allotted land to local citizens with the purpose of increasing food security for the underprivileged, educating the younger generation, and providing their citizens with a retreat from city life. With Greece facing challenging times, many people nowadays find it increasingly difficult to have access to fresh produce. That is why, for now, only low-income or large families and the retired with very low pensions, are […]

A recent recommendation from the Greek National Broadcast Authority spreads controversy over crisis – misery images broadcasted by greek media. The last four years, the debt-crippled state has gained a lot of international attention due to the painful austerity measures; political instability, the violent riots from extremist groups, uncontrolled illegal immigration and the rise of Golden Dawn, a nationalist political party that reminds Europeans old nightmares of its bloody history. […]

Besides the major ancient monuments that most Athens visitors come here to see, a number of smaller, minor sites and marks are scattered around, dotting the urban landscape as visual reminders of the rich and varied history of the city. You may find yourselves unexpectedly facing them as you walk around Athens or you can create yourselves an admittedly awkward tour of Athens based on these minor sites, near and […]

With the summer fast coming upon us it’s the time of year when many will be thinking, “Shall we risk Greece this year, or are the problems there of such gravity that they’ll affect our chances of having a great holiday?” Of course, the austerity measures here are never far from our thoughts, as is the abiding thought that still many in Northern Europe are believing the hype that the […]

The Greek calendar is full of festivals, but by far the biggest event of the Greek Orthodox Church is Easter, Villages, towns and cities come to life with fireworks, dancing in the street, huge outdoor lamb roasts and plenty of wine shots. Begin with the moving, candlelit processions of flower – filled biers that mark the start of the celebration on Good Friday and by Saturday night you’ll be shouting […]

XpatAthens is delighted to have secured for you this unique chance to attend an exclusive wine tasting experience! For the very first time the most private area of the Hotel Grande Bretagne, the Cellar, opens its doors to the public for one night only and 14 participants will journey through the magical world of Greek wineries. The Cellar, with its impressive 3,000 wine labels, is an oenophile’s dream come true. […]

(Greek) Αυθαίρ

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Music for two pianos

Two old friends and colleagues, two virtuosos of their kind, […]

VAT Cut On Restauran

A VAT reduction on Greek food catering services (restaurants, hotel […]

(Greek) Επίδομ

Επίδομα Τακτικής Επιδότησης Σε ισχύ είναι και το: Επικοινωνία και […]

Crime in Athens

Murder, armed robbery, rape and other violent crimes are not […]

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