In the final processing phase is the law that provides legalization of arbitrary buildings before 1975.
According to ‘Ethnos’, all buildings prior to 1975 are considered legitimate whether they have a building permit or not.
The building year shall be evidenced either by a public document or by aerial photography. It will require a technical report and a sum in the form of a deposit paid in advance.
As the newspaper says, a chronic problem is thus solved for many citizens who have lost their building permit or they legally lacking of (for example lost after an earthquake), on the other hand there will be a rise in the values of real estate especially in the outer regions that can now be upgraded and exploited.
However, even for this class of arbitrary buildings, is valid the exception for those that are contrary to the requirements of the Constitution for the protection of the environment and have been erected in forests, forested land, foreshore and beach, etc.(source:
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