So much has been written these days about Greece’s brain drain – the flow of skilled labor from crisis-stricken Greece to richer countries elsewhere in Europe or as far away as the United States and Canada – that no one is talking about the steady trickle of high-skilled Greeks returning to Greece.
Yannis Koryalos is one of them. He moved to Greece three years ago with his wife Lea. Six months ago, they launched one of the country’s most popular online tourism sites.
“Actually, it was the crisis that was a source of inspiration for us to come to Greece,” he says. “We wanted to do something for Greece… My wife and I worked in various sectors – from investment banking and retail to engineering until we decided to start our own business.”
Caught by the entrepreneurial bug – infectious even during the country’s worst economic crisis since the Second World War, Koryalos launched Combadi, a successful online tourism site, in November.
Combadi works with local communities and talented individuals to offer unique tourism packages. Being avid travelers themselves, Yannis and his wife Lea know how to turn an ordinary holiday into something extraordinary.

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